Learn Russian in Kharkov

Learn Russian in Kharkov

Английский язык в Харькове

We'll teach you how to write and speak meaningfully. And yeah, no stupid cramming!


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Lessons schedule: Monday to Saturday from 8 am to 9 pm*

* This is a general schedule. Contact us for more information.


Group Classes

It may be a good fit for English-speaking learners who need to acquire the minimum number of words and phrases to be able to «survive» in Russian-speaking environment.

two 90 minute-classes a week
4 people in a group



Individual Classes

This course is developed to meet  specific requirements of each student. It is made to meet your individual needs and interests, and will progress at the speed that is  just right for you.

Upon your needs


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Teaching approach

You come — we teach!

No matter what language you speak: Indian, German, Turkish or any other. Our program is made to be appropraite for anyone who wants to learn Russian. 



About the Course

As a beginner you will be taught how to communicate in everyday situations. You will practice phrases to use in a shop, when you get acquainted, ask for directions, or get a taxi etc.

The course is beneficial to those who are planning to visit Russian speaking countries. The blocks of grammar and vocabulary are structured functionally to help each learner to master reading, writing and pronunciation through communication.

The accent will be made on practicing simple but commonly used speaking patterns. The main goal of this course is to reveal the simple ways of dealing with everyday conversations, and make simple communication possible for the learner even at the initial stage of language learning.

✪ 8.9
Enguide rating

Real people. Real feedback

We were eager to place here the reports of non- existing people telling quite a story about our school. Instead of it we recommend you to visit the  independent website Enguide.ua. and  find out  what our real students  think about our classes. 


5 reasons to choose iLingua

1. We are 10 years old and it's a considerable age!

We wouldn't like to pull rank, but we don't want to be overmodest : we have a great experience in teaching languages. The fact that some of our teachers have been working at iLingua from the day of its establishment is one of the reasons to trust us.

2. Alive lessons instead of "open your books at page..."

Every lesson is a well selected complex of the most progressive and effective teaching methods  that help our teachers share everything they know with you.

3. Individual approach to group classes

4. Персональный курс для каждой группы

Our teachers-methodologists develop courses for each group individually. And yeah, you don't need to learn topics relevant to the beginning of the 90s. Our programs were made in the 21st century. 

4. Teachers' training 

Every year we organize the TeachThem Conference for teachers. This way the teachers share their best tricks gathered during the year. Not only the iLingua teachers, but the teachers of other training centres and native speakers take part in the conference. The participation in the conference lets them develop professional skills, share experience and provides personal and professional growth. 

How to sign up?

You should take our short test and we'll contact you

It will take you several minutes. According to your test results we'll offer you a trial lesson in an appropriate  group.



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